The Company Crystal Technologies s.r.o was founded with the aim of commercializing technologies of the modern functional materials synthesis.

We offer development of a technology to synthesize a material with certain properties, production of commercial lots of materials, or manufacturing of the facilities for the sythesis of the wide range of modern matherials such as single crystals, composites. nanoceramics, etc. 

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New product is now aviable. - THz range optical elements

We are glad to extend the list of products offered by our company with the THz range optical elements. The descriptions of THz optical elements are in "Materials" section.


New description of the material added

The description of one - component phosphors was added. Please refer to "Materials" section.


Now we may offer the new type of eqiupment - equipment for the synthesys of nanosized powders


New material added

We are glad to propose the new functional material - diamonds, coated with carbides - intended for synthesis of the various composite materials. You can find the the detailed description of this material at "Materials" section.