Equipment for single crystal growth

The technology, developed by our specialists, allows to synthesize the Wide range Of high-performance crystals. weighing up to 40 kg. With number Of dislocations below 100 cm2 and final product yield up to 98 percent of raw material. Energy consumption of our process can be reduced by more than an order of magnitude (up to 10kW).

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  • Possibility to grow high-performance crystals weighing up to 40 kg
  • High perfection of grown crystals, with the number of dislocations is less than 100 dislocations / cm2
  • High final product yield – up to 90 per cent of raw material volum
  • Possibility to increase the diameter of crystal, practically up to crucible diameter
  • The use of our unique high-precision weight measuring system registering crystal weight up to 40 kg to within ± 1 mg
  • Lower number of thermoelastic stresses that can cause dislocations in crystal
  • Possibility to use liquid sealing of the melt. This technique decreases the evaporation of volatile components and improves the purity and perfection of crystals
  • Fully automatic system for crystal growth control. Possibility to operate the growth setup without qualified personnel
  • Low energy consumption process, one order of magnitude lower than that of other methods

System configuration options:

Maximum weight of grown crystals Up to 40 kg.
Maximum operating temperature Up to 2300 ºC
Operating pressure range 13,3322 Pa to 25 MPa
Process media Vacuum, argon, argon with hydrogen, helium, flux, atmospheric air
Temperature gradient control accuracy Down to 0.1 ºС/см
Number of temperature control zones Three zones or more
Heating method Resistive or inductive
Weight control accuracy ± 1 mg

The specifics of the technique makes it possible to design an operator-level system to grow large volumes of various high-performance crystals weighing up to 40 kg with number of dislocations below 100 cm-2 and final product yield over 90 per cent of raw material.

Using our equipment one can synthesize the following single crystals:

  • Germanium
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Indium phosphite
  • Zinc selenide
  • Zinc oxide
  • ZnTe
  • Cadmium tungstate
  • Zinc tungstate
  • Zinc molybdate
  • Potassium-titanyl-phosphate non-linear optics
  • Yttrium aluminum garnet
  • Gadolinium gallium garnet
  • Sodium iodite
  • Cesium iodite
  • Ticor
  • Titanium-doped Al2O3
  • Chromium-doped Al2O3
  • Sapphire

We offer the development and manufacture of a system to synthesize the single crystal you need, the design of the technology to synthesize the desired material, and training of operators.

The images of crystals, developed in our laboratory:


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