Composite phosphors

The incapsulation technology of powder phosphors in glass or in optically transparent ceramics offers exciting possibilities for improvement of phosphor properties. The incapsulation technology allows to increase the conversion efficiency, to improve the temperature and radiation resistance and to improve the phosphor ageing quality and reliability respectively.

Various glass and ceramic types allow to vary the consumer properties of the final product - the emission band, the light output, the colour temperature range and the cost. Moreover the final product is both phosphor and optical element which allows to set the required focusing of the optical element at the fusion stage.

The incapsulation technology development activities have been performed in our laboratory. Industrial options of various composite phosphor variants were developed. We can produce industrial batches of remote phosphors from powder phosphors on the basis of various ceramics and glassceramics, with required consumer properties. The product can be supplied in the form of powder, in the form of glass or in the form of fabricated optical elements.

Composite phosphors
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