Yellow phosphors

The technology of synthesys of phosphors with peak of emission in the yellow region of the spectra from the yttrium - aluminum garnet has long been known. Our specialists have developed the modified technology of yellow phosphor synthesis; the modified technology allows to produce the phosphors with higer conversion efficiency - up to 97%. Herewith, the production cost of the synthesized phosphors is significantly lower in comparision with production cost of phosphors, synthesized by classical techniques.

By using various  allowing dopants and variation of technological process, we can  offer the development of the the yellow phosphors with required spectral characteristics and suitable production cost. At present time, about 50 various formulations of yellow phosphors, differing in characteristics and production costs, are developed. 

And either, the technologies of incapsulaion of the phosphors to organic and inorganic matrices was developed (for example - to silicon, acrylic lacquer, glass, molten salts, and so on). These technologies allows to build a wide range of new luminiscent products: luminiscent dyes, luminiscent optics, other similar products. 

Yellow phosphors
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Technical characteristics

Color temperature 6 500 K
CIE X value 0,4214
CIE Y value 0.5517
Relative intensity  140 lm
Dominant wavelenght 568,3 nm
Peak emission wavelenght 544,9 nm
Peak wight 111.6 nm
Chips range 455 - 460 nm
Particle size, D50 12 µm

Жёлтый Люминорф

The specra of phosphor, sythesied from yttrium - aluminum garnet, without allowing dopants.

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